We use Information Technology to help you to make this a sustainable world.

Technical problems

You are great at making this a better world. But maybe your expertise is not in the Information Technology. 

You might have technical issues that slow down your progress.

let us know and we will discuss how we can help. We can help on all kind of aspects such as:


System maintenance such as backup and restores


Supprot for email issues, hacks, etc..

Check our services section for a more extensive list of services.

And contact us for more information.  

Also, see our free offer to get you a head start in Information Technology.

Technical Empowerment

There is more probably more that Information Technology can do for you. 

In that way you will increase your effectiveness and efficiency on making this a more sustainable world.

We would like to give you an overview of free and discounted products and services that are provided by the Information Technology market leaders such as:

And if you are interested, we can help you set up these offerings and configure it based on your needs. 

Contact us, if you are interested, we can help you register with these organizations and configure them based on your needs.



At Energime University , our expertise and passions are in sustainability. Although we do appreciate the clear benefits of digital market and using data technology, we prefer to concentrate our efforts in what we do best as a non-profit. We also do not have deep pockets to pay commercial rates to outsource our IT needs. By adding people to our team with this knowledge, we expand our digital marketing and broaden our client base.

Now, we have created Known Wisdom as a separate department within Energime University to provide these services to other non profits that fits within the budget and by people who understand their operations.